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Gun Owners Encouraged to Speak out

       Senate Hopeful Encourages Gun Owners to Stand up, Speak Out

Dorchester- Attorney Dwayne “Duke” Buckner, who is seeking the South Carolina Republican  Party's nomination for the U.S. Senate, toured CheyTac USA in Dorchester County on last Tuesday.  CheyTac USA, who recently moved to a new facility in Summerville, SC, manufactures and distributes domestically and internationally long range precision rifles.  Rifles made by CheyTac can shoot accurately up to two and a half miles.  The company also has patent designs on its ammunition.

Speaking to its employees Buckner said, "You are making more than just a rifle here at CheyTac, you are making freedom! Our Second Amendment is under attack and if responsible gun owners don't stand up and let their voices be heard, it won't be long before the only people who will have firearms will be criminals, and they don't follow the law." Buckner, who is opposed to red flag laws, differs from Senator Lindsey Graham who supports their expansion and implementation. "There is such potential for abuse if red flag laws are passed in South Carolina," said Buckner. "I believe most judges who hear these cases will err on the side of caution every time and rule that the person is a danger to himself or the community even though he or she may not actually be. When that happens, the government will have the legal authority to confiscate your gun."

With all the talk about the Second Amendment in the news, Ellison Cribb, CheyTac's Executive Vice President has seen an increase in orders recently. "There has been more demand for our products," said Cribb. "Our company has been around a long time and has developed a reputation for producing high quality long range precision rifles."

Buckner is convinced that declarations regarding firearms at the most recent Democratic Presidential debate by candidate, Beto O Rourke should be a wake up call for all responsible gun owners. "Mr. O Rourke made it clear that if elected he was going to confiscate your assault weapon. Today its your assault weapon. Tomorrow, it will be your shot gun and your hand gun, " said Buckner

Pictured Left to Right: Ellison Cribb, Executive Vice President; Isaiah Yennie, Gunsmith Tech; Duke Buckner; Rick Peck, Engineer; Isaac Yeager, Gunsmith Tech

Committee to Elect Dwayne T. Buckner for United States Senate