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Buckner Announces Plan to Improve SC Schools

Buckner, a former Colleton County middle and high school English teacher, has a simple formula to improve the quality of education and academic success for all public school students in South Carolina.

“First, we must have in every class room in South Carolina teachers who really want to teach and are excellent at what they do,” said Buckner. “Unfortunately, we have some bad teachers in our school system. We also have teachers who no longer have the fire in their belly to teach anymore. Thus, they lack the enthusiasm and creativity needed to be effective in the classroom. We must find a way to help those teachers transition out of the public school system into comparable jobs in either the public or private sector where their skills can be best utilized.”

“Second, it is not fair to allow a handful of students to disrupt the class and hinder other students who really want to learn from getting a quality education,” said Buckner. “Students who can not behave and follow the rules forfeit their privilege to attend the public's school. Therefore, what you would have left in the public school system are excellent teachers who really want to teach and students who really want to learn.” The last part of the formula said Buckner is to provide the schools with the tools and resources they need to get the job done.

“When you have teachers who really want to teach and students who really want to learn, and the resources necessary to get the job done, the sky is the limit on what our students can achieve here in South Carolina,” said Buckner. “However, it is a waste of tax payer's dollars to increase funding for public education without that formula being in place, said Buckner.

“Our public schools in South Carolina should be the best in the country. Together, we can achieve that goal with dedication and hard work. However, just throwing money at a problem in many instances is never the solution.” For more information about the campaign, please visit


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