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Duke Touts Conservative Credentials

Duke Touts Conservative Credentials 

Dispels Notion that He is a Democrat, Credits Former Gov. David Beasley

As the Tuesday, June 9, 2020 primary election date is still uncertain do to the coronavirus,   Republican U.S. senatorial candidate Duke Buckner is firing back at skeptics who claim that he is really a Democrat and not a Republican. 

"There is a lie going around that I am somehow a plant from the Democratic party," said Buckner.  "The allegation is completely false!"

Buckner credits his exodus from the Democratic Party after his encounter with former South Carolina Republican governor, David Beasley at a Tuskegee Airmen Monument dedication at the Walterboro Army Airfield in Buckner's hometown. The Airfield is the place where Tuskegee Airmen trained before flying combat missions in World War II. 

"It was a grand occasion and many of the former Tuskegee Airmen were in attendance at the event! I followed closely Gov. David Beasley's political career after meeting him that day. He inspired me and I supported him," Buckner said.  "In fact, I used to ride around with a Beasley sticker on the back of my car and my Dad would say, 'Boy take that sticker off the back of that car!'  My Dad was a staunch Democrat, and I was taught to be one as well until I met Gov. Beasley that day and began to think differently."

Buckner was impressed with Beasley's courage to stand up against the video poker industry by saying in a state of the state address that 'We are going to end video poker in South Carolina!' 

"When I heard him say that, I totally agreed with him. Video poker machines were like a cancer spreading across the state. People were putting their hard-earned money into them and mothers were leaving their children unattended in their cars in order to play them," recalls Buckner.  "They were bad for South Carolina!"

According to Buckner, Beasley committed political suicide when he said, the Lord told him to take the Confederate Flag down from the top of the SC State House. 

"I thought to myself, here was a White male, Republican, who I was taught were suppose to be all racists was now saying, 'God told me at 3 am to take the Confederate Flag down!' I knew then that all the negative things I heard growing up about the Republican Party did not apply to Gov. David Beasley," Buckner said.  "The next election Jim Hodges, a Democrat, became governor of South Carolina. However, Beasley let me know right then that Republicans stood for principle; Beasley stood for what was right even though it cost him his political career. I want to personally thank Gov. David Beasley for what he did to make South Carolina a better place to live for all people and for setting an example for what the Republican Party stands for.  May God continue to Bless Governor David Beasley and I pray that he has a full recovery from the Coronavirus."  

Former SC Governor David Beasley and Duke Buckner pose for a photo 
at the Tuskegee Airmen Monument dedication in Walterboro, SC in 1997

Committee to Elect Dwayne T. Buckner for United States Senate
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