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Duke Holds Campaign Rally in Lexington

"It is time for the righteous to govern," said Buckner. "Our country is headed for self destruction. The righteous can no longer sit quietly on the sidelines and allow this to happen. However, in order for the righteous to govern, they have to do two things," said Buckner. "They have to vote and run for office." "Therefore, if you believe that God's calling you to run for political office, now is the time to step into the political arena and fight for the conservative values and beliefs that we hold dear." Buckner said. Buckner laid out his pro life, pro second amendment, and pro fiscal responsibility agenda and encouraged rally attendees not to give up hope in their country and their ability to make a positive impact on the lives of people. "Let us move forward now with faith, love, and courage, and rescue the country we love from those who want to change it into something it was never meant to be."

(L-R) Master of Ceremony, Glenn Zingarino, Guest Speaker, Shawn Green, CEO Christ Hop Ministries, and Duke Buckner pose for a picture at the Lexington Rally.

Committee to Elect Dwayne T. Buckner for United States Senate
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