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Duke Lays Out Vision for S.C.

        Says Sen. Lindsey Graham has on "Golden Handcuffs"

       RUBY-  U.S. Senatorial candidate Dwayne "Duke" Buckner laid out his vision for South Carolina at the Chesterfield County GOP monthly meeting in Ruby, SC last Tuesday evening.  Buckner encouraged those in attendance not to waiver, but instead hold fast to the founding principles and ideals of the Republican Party.  "You do not have to compromise your values and beliefs in order to be prosperous," said Buckner.  "I believe South Carolina will be the envy of the world- an example for others to follow.  We will have a world class education system second to none.  We will have the safest neighborhoods and streets, and the healthiest citizens.  We will accomplish all of these things while achieving the delicate balance between economic growth and our commitment to being a good steward over the environment.  It is already happening.  People are moving to South Carolina from all over the world and jobs here are plentiful.  I believe if we continue to do things God's way, He will bless and prosper our state even more!"

During the question and answer period, Buckner was asked how he thought he could compete against Sen. Lindsey Graham who is an incumbent with many years experience and has a substantial war chest.        

          "This election is about whether or not your values and beliefs are being represented in Washington, D.C.  If they are not, then it's time to vote for new leadership," said Buckner.  "Just because you raise millions of dollars, that doesn't always mean you have the support of the people.  I believe Senator Graham has "golden handcuffs" on and no longer represents the values and beliefs of the majority of the citizens of South Carolina.  Sen. Graham stopped representing our values and our beliefs when he came out in support of the expansion of red flag laws, threatened the President with "Holy Hell" if he fired attorney Jeff Sessions and reintroduced a bill with Senate Democrats to diminish President's Trump's power to fire Special Counsel Robert Mueller."

The Chesterfield County Republican Party also expressed its disapproval of Sen. Graham in 2013 when they overwhelmingly passed a resolution censuring Graham.  The resolution cited 29 actions that Graham performed that resulted in the Chesterfield GOP's loss of confidence in Graham's ability to serve as South Carolina's senator in a manner consistent with the platform of the Republican Party.

Some of those actions in the resolution included: 

*Sen. Graham's praise for Hillary Clinton's prospects for higher office in a 2006 "Time" magazine article he wrote where he said Clinton was smart, prepared, and serious.

*In 2013, Sen. Graham joined Democrats in voting to pass a massive new internet sales tax with burdensome reporting requirements.  Sen. Tim Scott opposed the bill.

* Sen. Graham joined Democrats and supported President Obama's appointment of noted liberals, Elena Kagan and Sandra Sotoymayor to the Unites States Supreme Court when Sen. Jim DeMint voted against them. 

Chesterfield County GOP leader, Doug Rorie and Duke Buckner

Committee to Elect Dwayne T. Buckner for United States Senate
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